You May Not Want To Know But …Here goes!

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You May Not Want To Know But …Here goes!

By Dr. Paul Collins

The subject is a compilation of a few of my current interests. A partial list is below (not listed in any order of importance because they are all vital):

1.Prepping to live in a deprived society: when systems break down, the availability of water, food, tools, etc. becomes an individual/family responsibility.

2.If a government system changes: (a) we will be living in either a very controlled society; or, if there is a governmental breakdown, (b) we will be living in a state of anarchy. (c) Do you have a plan? (d) Are you open to hearing about a plan? (e) what do you do if there are no police?

3.In any scenario, monetary matters will be shifted beyond recognition: (a) do you know about cryptocurrency? (b) silver, gold? (c) the fate of paper currency? (d) goods to trade for goods? (d) etc.?

4.The simple life will (likely) mean more people will be seeking a relationship with God : (a) will there be teachers who can teach theology? (b) will there be “apostolic” leaders who can lead the teachers? (c) will there be “prophets” to interpret the “signs of the times”? (d) who will be equipped to lead worship? (e) will there be a supply of “shepherds” to “tend” the “sheep”?

5.Medical matters are another big issue: (a) will you be prepared with ointments, antibiotics, laxatives, bandages, gauze, tape, etc.? (b) do you have a book to identify healing herbs? (c) do you have a book to explain how to set a broken bone? (d) you can finish the list by doing some online research.

If you have all of the above in your “quiver,” what if you can’t find your bow? I suggest you meet up with Jesus. You can choose: meet him now, or meet him after your eyes close in death.

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