Will Regular People Please Report For Duty?

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Will Regular People Please Report For Duty?

… we have enough “celebrities”

Oh for the days when you could tell the players without a program, scorecard, or playbook. Many years ago, we knew people were exactly who they were just because we somehow knew! When I saw Chuck, I knew he was the same as the kid I physically defended in second grade. He never changed until the day he died. When I saw Jay after a lapse of 46 years, he was the same charismatic person I had known in high school. The Last time I saw Betty she was in the hospital just before her transfer to a nursing home to die, and she was the same person I chatted with in the north end of the lower hall in the junior high school building. I could name many others. I could write about many now deceased and several yet alive. But they all had one great thing in common: they were all regular people!

Because some of us had the benefit of knowing and loving regular people, so we are not easily taken in or “hornswoggled” by some “consarned idiot” (male or female) who became semi-famous by accident or even on purpose. Fame can overtake a person because of sports, music, movies, television, politics, business, or religion. Sadly, sometimes it seems the celebrities rule the world. If so, too bad! Most of them have lost sight of the real world that can only be experienced and appreciated by regular people. My people!

Will you join with me as I report for duty? I am showing up to be sworn in again as a soldier of the cross of Jesus. As I renew my enlistment in the greatest cause ever known on the face of this earth, I want to serve the cause of Christ in this world by demonstrating the reality of the Kingdom of God. By God’s grace, I will never be AWOL.

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