Time, Timing, Timeless

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Time, Timing, Timeless

Time, Timing, Timeless

It’s time for an evaluation of the “Cancel Culture” movement.               The evaluation is simple: it is counter- productive! You don’t build a nation by destroying the reminders of its heritage. It’s time to tell the truth: the “Cancel Culture” movement has been (and continues to be) a destructive force in American society.


The timing is right for “all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.” The timing is excellent! The unrest among the citizenry is calling for law and order! The people are attending school board meetings! The best aid we can give America is to take a firm stand in favor of true biblical morality; and, it needs to be done quickly!


Some things have a timeless quality. That is, they never become outdated. They are classic. They have a proven value that is never diminished even though the “Cancel Culture Crowd” tries every trick in and out of the book to convince the youth of America that certain ideas are now defunct. Biblical morality and ethics made a nation great; they can maintain its greatness.


It is time because the timing is right to stand up for the timeless treasures of Holy Scripture.

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