The Money Monster

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The Money Monster

Did you see the 1959 movie about the island nation that declared war on the U.S. and then surrendered to collect foreign aid? It was a great British adaptation of a 1955 book. It was entitled */The Mouse That Roared/. *Sometimes even a small amount of money can make a lot of noise! If you add two and two you may get multiples of four. How can that be? Easy! Just pretend you are the federal government and the value of money becomes whatever you say it is. Check out exponential multiplication. The federal government is replete with “experts” who are full of expletives that describe the exponential results of inflation, stagnation, and deflation. Confused? Read the next paragraph for my brand of illumination (a grand word for enlightenment!).

“They” (whoever they are) tell us how much inflation we are experiencing. I guess they have never shopped for groceries in Springfield, Missouri.

“They” tell us what property values are as based on some of the biggest whatevers ever! According to properties being shown on HGTV, Springfield is the only place in the United States where Nancy (as you know, Nancy is my wife) and I can live! O well, we have never entertained any ambition to live in California (it may slide into the ocean), Florida (‘gators’ and snakes have no appeal for us), New York (especially New York City, in spite of “The Great White Way” and Wall Street with the huge bronze statue of a bull with long horns), or Las Vegas (where what happens stays there as a deep, dark secret).

What’s next on my list of “crimes against humanity” in America? A very complicated tax code purposefully designed to require a huge bureaucracy of “hog trough sippers” to interpret, administer, and re-interpret for their convenience and profit.

My conclusion is actually just a beginning. I have enough to write about to fill a book or three!

Can we all live better if we tame the monster? Can “It” be tamed by trimming its nails, putting it on a diet, and cutting back on its members? Yes, I am advocating my own opinion that too many people have been too involved for too long in the creation of a monster that encircles us, holds us captive to a fiat system of monetary matters, and decides when we experience inflation, stagnation, or deflation. We are subject to their whims.

Now is the time for government officials, bureaucrats, and their minions to have terms shortened, pensions moved into Social Security, health insurance at the same level as we commoners, and become workers working as hired hands on the plantation of the American experience and not living as the only owners of this great land of the “free” and the BRAVE.

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