The Deplorable or Adjustable Life (?)

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The Deplorable or Adjustable Life (?)

The Deplorable or Adjustable Life (?)

About four years ago, a certain presidential candidate whose initials are Hillary, said me and my kind were “Deplorables.”

She was wrong! We were and are “The Incredibles!” We are incredible because we are “The Adjustables!” Our kind dates back to the first century AD (or CE if you are a Liberal academician). My Christian forbears were able to manage life and liberty in spite of being hated and hunted by Judaizers and the Roman conquerors of the Holy Land. Yep! They knew their business! They knew their faith! They knew what they believed! They knew how to make it even though they were treading in the waters of treachery.

(Please check in again for the second installment about “The Adjustables” entitled “Flip, Flop, Fail, or Faith?”)

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