Prosperity, Prophets, and Politicians

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Prosperity, Prophets, and Politicians

Some things never change.

Whenever you look wherever to whomever, you can see dollar signs all over the places, people, prophets, and politicians. When I look back over the nearly 86 years of my life, money dominates the scene in war and peace.

Today’s televangelists find ingenious methods to include a financial motive in their message. Politicians promise everyone the sky and a piece of the pie. Meanwhile, the citizenry trudges along marching to the tune played by the world system of governance and economics.

Some things never change!

Prior to the election of Donald Trump in the November, 2016 election, someone “prophesied” his victory. That opened the floodgates to a new generation of “prophets.” Prophecies proliferated and book sales soared! Profit followed the “prophets” and their pronouncements. After the election of 2020, they were at home adding up their profits while the sheep was busy counting how many of them missed knowing the eventual declared winner would be Joe Biden.

As for the politicians, their world is akin to the realm of professional wrestling. It is all about the show! If the show is good, they stay in power and receive more monetary benefits. If they “seem” to lose power, they really don’t lose a dime! Why? Because the benefits of holding office always continue afterwards through many avenues, all of which leads to another pot at the end of another rainbow.

Some things never change!

My final word (before I write about this again in the future): it is my contention that now is a good time for Christian television viewers to do their due diligence before becoming a “partner” with any televangelist; and now is a good time for all of us to become a people who think for themselves regarding politics. Maybe this is a good time to look at alternatives to the two major political parties.

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