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Paul Collins Evangelistic Association

This low-profile ministry was founded in 1995 and touches lives with positive messages and actions. It functions as Paul Collins Ministries, Presence Ministry and Windhover Publishing. Each designation serves as a special department for services to be rendered.

Paul Collins Ministries is involved in preaching, teaching, and consulting. Presence Ministry is a well-defined effort designed to assist with services to those who are food deprived, the homeless, and former offenders in or out of the care of the justice system. Windhover Publishing is about writing, editing, and publishing with a distinct dedication to develop, nurture, and serve Christian authors.

Dr. Paul Collins, the founder, spent many years as a mainline denominational pastor and evangelist. For many of those years, he has been working across denominational barriers.

His experience includes serving on two separate Boards of Education and holding the presidency of a regional state school board association. He has also been involved in supervising campus ministries.Dr. Collins has been a prolific volunteer for community causes in education, social relief agencies, and mental health organizations.

He earned a BA degree from a very old, historic college and a M.Div. from an accredited denominational seminary, a Doctor of Theology Degree (Th.D.) from an independent, non-denominational seminary, and received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in recognition of his ability in the field of secular and religious broadcasting on radio. He is currently using social media as a platform.


Dr. Paul Collins

Paul C. Collins, BA, M.Div.,Th.D., is the founder of Paul Collins Evangelistic Association with DBAs of Paul Collins Ministries, Presence Ministry, and Windhover Publishing. Dr. Collins has many years experience as an evangelist, pastor and Christian consulting. He is an author, broadcaster, and book editor. In the secular world, he served on two school boards and held office as the president of a regional school boards association and was a member of a community health organization. He served as the leader of clergy who ministered to university students. With a mainline denominational and educational background, Dr. Collins chose to serve in a trans denominational and trans doctrinal role. His wife, Nancy, serves alongside him in every activity.

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