Political Correctness

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Political Correctness

There has been a noticeable absence of people willing to deal with the downside (might we dare say THE EVIL?) of political correctness. The words are used casually by newscasters, who, by the way, are not serving the public as journalists. They are editorialists, at best, and just people with an opinion and a pen, at worst. Either way, the spoken and written words by these folk and all their cohorts are weak renditions of attempts to shed light on the current political scene in the United States. It is time to open the windows and let the fresh air enter the room of our American house. It is time to open the shades and allow God’s light to shine on our current circumstances.

New words, and descriptive titles have been added to our vocabulary. If you disagree with the message, the messenger attacks in many ways that cannot pass the test to be legal, moral, and ethical behavior.

Black Lives Matter is a new thing on the scene that the politically correct say we must hold in high regard or we are racist, evil, and despicable. Unless you think Critical Race Theory ought to be taught in public schools, you are a racist. If you think WOKE is a movement unworthy of being in America, you are out of tune with the latest trend coveted by celebrities and their ilk. Furthermore, you must want the Cancel Culture movement to succeed in re-writing history and re-setting society or you are worthy of being cancelled in your business, profession, family life, and religious faith. And how about that Antifa? You are to welcome their input into the destruction of the United States as the last bastion of human freedom. If you don’t, they believe you are deserving of going the way of the DoDo bird into extinction.

Well, folks, here I stand! Take a look at these words! I am not a fan of Black Lives Matter. I join with my Black friends who say it is inspired by Marxism and should NOT be legitimized. My same friends and I agree that Critical Race Theory is a theory --- and not one to be taught as history! The idea that 1619 was the actual date of the beginning of this nation and slavery was its foundation is just so much rubbish being pushed as truth by those who want to destroy the truth.

As for WOKE, they are among the negative, evil ideas that have contributed to some of the chaos seen in the streets of too many cities. Their kissing cousin, Cancel Culture, has to share the blame. You cannot pull down statues without the danger of igniting a corresponding enthusiasm to burn police cars.

Almost finally, I am NOT in favor of de-funding police in any city, borough, village, small town, county, or state. On the contrary, cut the salaries of “do little” politicians and use the money to pay police as professionals. Do away with the expensive retirement and benefit packages for office holders on every level of government (especially the state and federal levels) and use the funds to increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of the men and women hired to protect us and our property.

Finally finally, I believe we need a genuine return to the time when church was church --- not an amateurish off Broadway imitation of show business. Let’s have a foyer (vestibule), nave, and sanctuary. Let’s have a seasoned choir. Let’s have music that soothes the soul and dosen’t rattle the cages of the eardrums. Let’s have preachers of the gospel who present the truth about the narrow way as opposed to the broad path. We need preachers who can stand in for the prophets. We need pastors who double as evangelists. And, if any of the aforementioned cannot teach, they should never pretend to preach.

I have more to say, but will hold it for another day. Let us pray!

*Paul Collins, M.Div., Th.D.*

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