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The Long Shot Close Up …

Stop! Look, listen, and Learn

I probably won’t win a one person beauty contest, but take a look at me anyway. Please? Pretty, please with butter and sugar on it??? If you can forgive my frivolity, surely you can take a few minutes to review the videos on this page. If you review them once, and find them interesting, you may want to put them in reverse and watch again. That’s called “learning” by the process of repetition.

So, what’s to learn?

Look and listen is my personal admonition. The topics will be diverse and unrehearsed. I will make a genuine effort to present honest truth dug up from reliable sources and laid out in a format worthy of you bellying up to the bar of scholarship to reserve your place at the table of knowledge replete with many bowls filled with delectable bits of bite-size information.(Whew!)

Stop, look and listen. It’s supper time.

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Online Classes



Detty sisters

Detty Sisters