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Paul Collins Announcements August 16, 2023

I have been blessed! Even though I live in Springfield, MO, I have been called to be the pastor of Church Of The Harvest in Branson, MO.

Church Of The Harvest is a wonderful group of people meeting in a beautiful facility that is easily recognized as a “church building.” The possibility of reaching people for Christ is enhanced by having access to multiple musical instruments, audiovisual equipment, great sound equipment, food services, classrooms, and a beautiful worship space. The plan is to expand the number of worship opportunities, classes, and special uses of the facility.

In addition to being a pastor, I continue to have a traveling ministry. The next date on my travel calendar is October 27 and 28 (this fall) when I will be in Moberly, MO to conduct three sessions designed to reinvigorate Christians in matters of essentials of the Faith. There will be a session on Friday night from 7-9, another on Saturday morning from 9-11, and the final session will be Saturday afternoon 2-4. These classes will be in a great meeting space in the Comfort Inn Hotel.

Welcome to our UPCOMING EVENTS

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