More, Most, or Maybe?

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More, Most, or Maybe?

More, Most, or Maybe?

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks was the right side for me. The experience was worth more than the cost of an education based in sociology and community. This was especially true because radio was primitive, television was definitely an infant, and high tech meant we had a telephone on a table (complete with a cord and a four digit number). As kids, we had nothing more to do than work and use our free time to play outside.

My first question to myself is, “Did I do more with my life because of the simple life?” Let’s see — I crawled through weeds playing an imaginary cowboy or soldier and never thought about snakes, bugs, or poison ivy. My buddies and I played great “sandlot” baseball, shot baskets (for the uninitiated, that means trying to put a basketball through a metal hoop nailed to the exterior wall of a shed), played chalk the corner, ante over, and hide and seek (with girls!). Yes, I probably have done more!

The second question is, “Did I do the most with my life because of my growing up years?” That depends. The answer depends on the paradigm. An outsider would say, “Boy, you sure came a long way from your raisin’!” My answer would be, “Probably not.” A life’s potential is not fulfilled just because someone went to school, left a neighborhood, did different work than one’s parents, or, or, or! The greatest fulfillment is to be the person you were designed to be by a loving, caring Heavenly Father. I only have knowledge of one person who totally and perfectly fulfilled his purpose. That person still lives! He is Jesus the Christ! He is seated at the right hand of God.

What is the reason for the “Maybe” in the title of this essay? I added it almost as an afterthought because, at first, it did not come to my mind that some (perhaps many) folks have not considered the “More” or the “Most” and are just sort of “hangin’ out” and “hangin’ on.” If you are a “maybe baby,” you don’t have to join the “family of failures.” Now is as good a time as any to say yes to God by adopting the lifestyle of Jesus. When you do, I predict you will see beyond the veil of this earth, look over the horizon, and lift your spiritual and emotional eyes above the ordinary to begin the great adventure of experiencing life on a new level. Jesus is the answer!

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