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Paul Collins Wisdom June 2, 2023

Dr. Paul Collins, Th.D.

As I enjoy being in year 69 of my ministry, I can look backward as easily as forward. When I look backward, I see more failures than successes (at least that is how I see it). Any successes I can see were due to my leadership, and the reason for any failure was due to my failure as a leader.

Here, then, in my opinion, is the first mark of a good leader: when you first become a leader, your immediate action ought to be to engage in a search for your successor. Any leader without a successor is not a leader.

The second mark of a good leader is always speaking the truth! Anything less undermines any positive accomplishments. As they say, “The chickens will come home to roost.”

Third, never “lord” it over your subordinates. People treated as valuable to the work will be valuable.

A good leader will spend more time giving credit for work done than being critical about work not done. Acknowledging work done is like adding delicious food to an already very complete buffet.

Seek a successor, tell the truth, treat people as valuable, and give credit. These are keys to effective leadership for public ministry. I plan to continue working on them to the point of perfection.

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