Is It Time To Speak Up, Speak Out, and Sound Off?

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Is It Time To Speak Up, Speak Out, and Sound Off?

Paul Collins A Short Trip Around My World September 12, 2023

As a clergyman, I have been honored to speak to multiple congregations over the past 68 plus years. They have represented several denominations and many independent churches. As I grow older in years and more experienced, I am aware of the responsibility attendant to being honored with the opportunity to share my thoughts with others no matter the setting.

When I spoke before a large gathering of mostly black inmates at a maximum security prison, I made certain to honor the regulations the guards were there to enforce. When I spoke (by invitation) to Black Muslims on one of their special days in the same prison, I was courteous to them and to their protocol.

There is nothing wrong with being honorable, cordial, and careful to avoid offending others. There is nothing wrong with having an informed opinion. I respect anyone’s right to an informed opinion. I respect their right to voice that opinion. I respect my right to the same rights I give to others. But over the years, I have failed to exercise my rights in speeches, sermons, books, magazine articles, newsletters or blogs. That failure ends today.

I have informed opinions regarding politics in the USA and much of the world. I have informed opinions about cultural changes and challenges in the USA and much of the world. My opinions will be expressed in my writings for blogs on this website in regular editions. I will not be shy. I will be forthcoming in my examination of political, economical, and cultural issues. I will even resort to examining values, morals, and ethics.

It is time to speak up, speak out, and sound off! Check this website daily for my informed opinions. You will discover tried, proven, true thoughts mixed in with my informed opinions. A coming attraction is my considered and informed opinion about the present day state of politics in America by specifically examining the role of the Democrat (not “Democratic”) Party and money, power, and corruption!!!

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