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A Short Trip Around My World

Dr. Paul Collins

Subject:  Who Sez?

Who Sez You Gotta have A License? The Gov’ment Man, That’s Who!

Just the other day, I was thinking (yes, once in a while I think I think!) and it crossed my mind to make a list of things I can do without a license provided by some level of government. I came up with a very short list, if a list it can be called. Meanwhile, check out these abbreviated thoughts:

I have to have a license to drive, a license on the car or I can’t drive it even with a drivers’ license. If I want to be in business, guess what. Yes, I’ll need a business license. If I want to quote from a book, I’ll need permission from the author because he or she has a copyright which is like a license to control the use of the created work. If they want to be totally in control, they need an ISBN number (another way the gov’ment gets money).  Read More....

Dr. Paul Collins

Subject:  Connection

Connection Is the Way to Have Power

Electric switches not connected have no power.  Animals without connection perish and become extinct.  People cannot exist alone.  Even a hermit has to have a sense of connection to something.

With the advent of the telegraph, radio, the telephone, television, cell phones, and the Internet, human connection is now possible to a degree unknown in Bible times.  Letter writing, delivery, and reception was slow (if it occurred at all!).  In spite of circumstances, Paul and the other apostles found a way to connect and build Christian communities.  They demonstrated that commitment to a cause (connected to a person … Christ) and exercised by truth and love would be a powerful connection.  Their connection was sufficient to expand the body of Christ in their first century world.   Read More....

Whatever Is The Truth Will Eventually Win

By Dr. Paul Collins

Twice in the last week, I have heard the statement ‘It’s what we think we know that keeps us from learning.”  Now, that is a truth!  Also, do you remember the comedy show on television that had a segment with a grown woman (Lily Tomlin) dressed as a little girl seated in an over-sized rocking chair?  The “little girl” would make a statement and end by saying, “And that’s the truth!”  At my age, I am becoming more fond of the truth.

Our news media could be called the “News Mis-Leaders.”   Read More...


Don't Ever Say Never! 

By Dr. Paul Collins

Whoa! Wait a minute! Surely, they don’t mean it! Mean what? Life will never be the same? I don’t know about that! I have seen life repeat itself. I have seen history repeat itself. I don’t want to ever say never.

Life is always a forward motion. Let it run its course and it begins again.

I remember having friends I thought were irreplaceable. Guess what? They weren’t! That doesn’t diminish their value. It’s just that no one is irreplaceable.

Some folks will always have a special place in our heart, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t always room for one more. Did you read carefully what I just wrote? You don’t erase people. You place them in a special space in your memory. When that is successfully accomplished, you have just made room for someone else to be an important blessing.  Read More....


Upstairs Over A Vacant Lot

by Dr. Paul Collins

Subject:  Money

Money Matters

Money Matters Are Real Because It Matters

By Dr. Paul C. Collins

It is very disconcerting to have a relationship with folks who are literally under constant financial stress because they never have enough money supply to meet the money demand! It is the kind of pressure that kills initiative, creativity, the immune system, and families! In fact, the list of negatives connected with financial problems is too long to be included in this brief essay.

I grew up poor but didn’t know it. Is there anyone reading this who is old enough to remember being in that....Read More...

by Dr. Paul Collins

Subject:  Money

Money, Money Everywhere and Nothing to Save

The “regular” American family lives from paycheck to paycheck … or so they say. I believe we need to add a caveat: they live from behind paycheck to behind the next paycheck. You may be saying, “Paul, explain!” Okay, here’s the explanation in a nutshell: “Most Americans are “playing catch up.” They are always behind. That is, the paycheck is obligated before it is received.  Read More...

by Dr. Paul Collins

Subject:  Money

Money … Real or Phony?

Mills, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars … these coins are rapidly becoming extinct. Mills_are_ extinct. A mill was one tenth of one cent and used as a sales tax to fund the “Old Age Pension” and that, too, is extinct.  Read More…..

When Is Enough Enough?

by Dr. Paul Collins

Here we go! It’s time for a second installment about money … the love of which is the root of all evil! This statement begs the question, “When is enough (money) enough (money)?”Read More ..
Wit, Wisdom, and Waves

by Mr. I'van Idea

Subject:  Humor

The View From My Recliner

by Mr. I’van Idea

I Can Spell Veracity, But Can’t Be Certain I’ve Found It.  The news on television is very confusing. From channel to channel, it’s becoming more and more difficult to determine who is liberal, progressive, moderate, or conservative.   Could it be that they all share the same script but choose the parts to emphasize? The Internet isn’t much help, either.   Read More...

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