Flip, Flop, Fail, or Faith?

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Flip, Flop, Fail, or Faith?

Finally, I am back at the old keyboard to write something other than answers to a daily plethora of email messages. So I hope you are ready for this second installment (and the last for this series) about the “Deplorables” and the “Adjustables.” I suggest you re-read that missive as a background for this one entitled “Flip, Flop, Fail, or Faith?”

Here we go, right to the first point! SOME politicians (professional or “wannabees”) find they need the ability to quickly do a flip flop on issues. It is a necessary skill if you want to successfully feed at the public trough like a hungry hog before “butcherin’ day” arrives (I am in no way insinuating anything other than there may be a day of voluntary retirement or loss of standing via an election procedure).

Here we go, right to the second point! _SOME_ academics (professional or “wannabees”) want to (seemingly) remove the word “fail” from the dictionary … or at least from any useable, practical application. What am I saying, anyway? I am saying that failure is no longer seen as a pathway to learning and or success. Whatever happened to “Fail Forward” as an acceptable motivational expression or tool?

Here we go, right to the third point! _SOME_ televangelists (professional or “wannabees”) have many of us confused about faith as a valid part of Christian experiences. Is it a methodology that can be taught, or is it a gift from The Holy Spirit that must be caught! You decide. I have! I am one real life, human catcher’s mit!

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