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(“Disgusting” is an adjective. That means it is a descriptive word. In the definition, it denotes “arousing revulsion or strong indignation. Synonyms for it are: revolting; repellent; repulsive; sickening; nauseating; nauseous; stomach-churning; off-putting; unpalatable; unappetizing; uninviting; unsavory, distasteful, foul, nasty; obnoxious; yucky; icky; gross; sick-making; gut-churning; grotty; vomitous; bogging; disgustful; offensive; appalling; outrageous; objectionable; displeasing; shocking; horrifying; scandalous; monstrous; unspeakable; shameless; shameful; vulgar; vile; and wicked.)

If you read all of the above, I salute you! You have my congratulations on being someone who appreciates the dictionary.

My question to you is where will you apply the word? What do you consider disgusting?

I don’t know your answer, but I have a few items on my list (not listed in any particular order of “disgust”).

1.Politicians who consistently lie because they think we are too stupid to know when they are lying.

2.Preachers who use their pulpit, platform, or TV show to incessantly raise money while living the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

3.“Church” members who are enthralled by rock-style music while pretending to worship a holy God, a suffering Savior, and a knowledge –imparting Holy Spirit.

4.Teachers who use a virus for an excuse to stay home, get paid, and continue to enjoy benefits and retirement perks.

5.Political talk shows (pretending to be news shows) that reveal their bias by the guests they invite (either to underscore their political persuasion or to have one they can talk over and use as a tool to be put-down).

6.So-called social scientists who think they have a way of life to teach that is superior to the Kingdom of God as taught by Jesus (who, by the way, is considered to be the greatest teacher who EVER lived).

7.College and university professors who can’t tie their shoes so they always wear slip-ons, never learned to tie a tie so they never wear one, and don’t have the dexterity to button shirts so they wear pullovers with no collars. That’s the men; what about the women? Most of them dress like they don’t own a dress, can’t remember that hair is usually brown, brunette, black, blond, (redheads are becoming extinct) or gray, and try to talk like men who spent most of their lives at sea.

8.The invention of new words designed to re-order and re-make American culture while, at the same time, perfectly good words are being lost (due to non-use) from our vocabulary.

9.“Churches” that don’t know they are merely organizations and not an organism.

Get the message? If you read this far, you know I am willing to “put out there” nine of my concerns about the pollution of the American way.

I have only begun. Stay tuned.



  • Paul Collins

    Paul C. Collins, BA, M.Div.,Th.D., is the founder of Paul Collins Evangelistic Association with DBAs of Paul Collins Ministries, Presence Ministry, First Acts Church, and Windhover Publishing. Dr. Collins has many years experience as an evangelist, pastor and Christian counselor. He is an author, broadcaster, and book editor. In the secular world, he served on two school boards and held office as the president of a regional school boards association and was a member of a community health organization. He served as the leader of clergy who ministered to university students. With a mainline denominational and educational background, Dr. Collins chose to serve in a trans denominational and trans doctrinal role. His wife, Nancy, serves alongside him in every activity.

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