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*1.**_Before he filed, I knew Donald Trump would be president!_* *2.**_In 2017, I said to watch out for 2020-2021!_* *3.**_Now, it is time to watch out for 2025!_* *4.**_There is no way to prepare for 2029 except to be saved!_* *_(2029 will be the year when GREAT TRIBULATION will hit!)_* *I make no claims to…
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*First Acts Church **… March 31, 2021 … **E-letter

*_THE CHURCH UNIVERSAL_**…* *The days ahead will show the true church to be the real body of Christ. When Jesus spoke about building his church, he in no way indicated that it could ever or would ever be destroyed. I have confidence in his words and his works.* *I few years ago, I told several…
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