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Political Correctness

There has been a noticeable absence of people willing to deal with the downside (might we dare say THE EVIL?) of political correctness. The words are used casually by newscasters, who, by the way, are not serving the public as journalists. They are editorialists, at best, and just people with an opinion and a pen,…
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Prosperity, Prophets, and Politicians

Some things never change. Whenever you look wherever to whomever, you can see dollar signs all over the places, people, prophets, and politicians. When I look back over the nearly 86 years of my life, money dominates the scene in war and peace. Today’s televangelists find ingenious methods to include a financial motive in their…
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Today seemed to be as good a time as any to write a few of my thoughts about politics and politicians. I am not looking for agreement, nor am I looking for confrontation. What I consider to be the truth, you may consider it to be one man’s opinion. Please be assured that I understand.…
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