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The Elusive Truth in God’s Word

*CONVERGENCE*** *(The dictionary has several definitions applicable to the word “convergence.” For my purposes in this essay, it simply means the joining together of factors on reaching a point of view.)* I am very interested in Bible teachings. My interest is very intense. As elusive as truth can be when watching television news, pondering points…
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*First Acts Church **… March 31, 2021 … **E-letter

*_THE CHURCH UNIVERSAL_**…* *The days ahead will show the true church to be the real body of Christ. When Jesus spoke about building his church, he in no way indicated that it could ever or would ever be destroyed. I have confidence in his words and his works.* *I few years ago, I told several…
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Don’t Ever Say Never!

Whoa! Wait a minute! Surely, they don’t mean it! Mean what? Life will never be the same? I don’t know about that! I have seen life repeat itself. I have seen history repeat itself. I don’t want to ever say never. Life is always a forward motion. Let it run its course and it begins…
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