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Time, Timing, Timeless

Time, Timing, Timeless It’s time for an evaluation of the “Cancel Culture” movement.               The evaluation is simple: it is counter- productive! You don’t build a nation by destroying the reminders of its heritage. It’s time to tell the truth: the “Cancel Culture” movement has been (and continues to…
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The Elusive Truth in God’s Word

*CONVERGENCE*** *(The dictionary has several definitions applicable to the word “convergence.” For my purposes in this essay, it simply means the joining together of factors on reaching a point of view.)* I am very interested in Bible teachings. My interest is very intense. As elusive as truth can be when watching television news, pondering points…
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*Alert … Here is the way it seems to be shaping up ..*

*So …* *IF YOU CAN … **read all this!* *You may grow weary of the warning but I plan to continue sounding the alarm until Holy Spirit says enough is enough.You may ask, “What alarm about what?” The troubles that have arrived and the troubles yet to come, is the answer about the alarm.* *We…
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Political Correctness

There has been a noticeable absence of people willing to deal with the downside (might we dare say THE EVIL?) of political correctness. The words are used casually by newscasters, who, by the way, are not serving the public as journalists. They are editorialists, at best, and just people with an opinion and a pen,…
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It’s Time!

There are some issues that must be met head on, and there will never be a better time than now for me to tackle a few that may be slightly sensitive. At any rate, here goes nothing (as they say in the movies). Opinion Number One Politics! Power! Perjury! Plundering! These are words that only…
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*Marketing Ministry or Selling the Gospel? —*

*It’s time to take the gloves off and take a hardball look at modern day methods of communicating the “Christian” message. * *As an almost avid viewer of “televangelism” (and church programming, religious broadcasting, etc.), I am finding the presentations more and more disheartening. The satellite (“Christian”) networks, in particular, seem to have selected a…
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(“Disgusting” is an adjective. That means it is a descriptive word. In the definition, it denotes “arousing revulsion or strong indignation. Synonyms for it are: revolting; repellent; repulsive; sickening; nauseating; nauseous; stomach-churning; off-putting; unpalatable; unappetizing; uninviting; unsavory, distasteful, foul, nasty; obnoxious; yucky; icky; gross; sick-making; gut-churning; grotty; vomitous; bogging; disgustful; offensive; appalling; outrageous; objectionable; displeasing;…
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*1.**_Before he filed, I knew Donald Trump would be president!_* *2.**_In 2017, I said to watch out for 2020-2021!_* *3.**_Now, it is time to watch out for 2025!_* *4.**_There is no way to prepare for 2029 except to be saved!_* *_(2029 will be the year when GREAT TRIBULATION will hit!)_* *I make no claims to…
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The Problem With The Profit Motive

An open letter from Dr. Paul Collins …The Problem With The Profit Motive— it can be very deceptive and destructive This session at my computer keyboard is dedicated to another matter of truth that needs to be told. The subject involves “profit” and is especially relevant to the sacred rather than the secular. The secular…
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When Talk is Free It’s Really Cheap!

Anyone taking a short trip around my world knows that I write a little and talk a lot. I am the guy with the small keyboard that produces much less than my big mouth. I have written all that to “simply” say, “When talk is free it’s really cheap!” Now, you have to admit that…
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