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*Marketing Ministry or Selling the Gospel? —*

*It’s time to take the gloves off and take a hardball look at modern day methods of communicating the “Christian” message. * *As an almost avid viewer of “televangelism” (and church programming, religious broadcasting, etc.), I am finding the presentations more and more disheartening. The satellite (“Christian”) networks, in particular, seem to have selected a…
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(“Disgusting” is an adjective. That means it is a descriptive word. In the definition, it denotes “arousing revulsion or strong indignation. Synonyms for it are: revolting; repellent; repulsive; sickening; nauseating; nauseous; stomach-churning; off-putting; unpalatable; unappetizing; uninviting; unsavory, distasteful, foul, nasty; obnoxious; yucky; icky; gross; sick-making; gut-churning; grotty; vomitous; bogging; disgustful; offensive; appalling; outrageous; objectionable; displeasing;…
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*1.**_Before he filed, I knew Donald Trump would be president!_* *2.**_In 2017, I said to watch out for 2020-2021!_* *3.**_Now, it is time to watch out for 2025!_* *4.**_There is no way to prepare for 2029 except to be saved!_* *_(2029 will be the year when GREAT TRIBULATION will hit!)_* *I make no claims to…
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The Problem With The Profit Motive

An open letter from Dr. Paul Collins …The Problem With The Profit Motive— it can be very deceptive and destructive This session at my computer keyboard is dedicated to another matter of truth that needs to be told. The subject involves “profit” and is especially relevant to the sacred rather than the secular. The secular…
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When Talk is Free It’s Really Cheap!

Anyone taking a short trip around my world knows that I write a little and talk a lot. I am the guy with the small keyboard that produces much less than my big mouth. I have written all that to “simply” say, “When talk is free it’s really cheap!” Now, you have to admit that…
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Will Regular People Please Report For Duty?

… we have enough “celebrities” Oh for the days when you could tell the players without a program, scorecard, or playbook. Many years ago, we knew people were exactly who they were just because we somehow knew! When I saw Chuck, I knew he was the same as the kid I physically defended in second…
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More, Most, or Maybe?

More, Most, or Maybe? Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks was the right side for me. The experience was worth more than the cost of an education based in sociology and community. This was especially true because radio was primitive, television was definitely an infant, and high tech meant we had a…
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The View From The Pew

I may have titled this piece wrong. Is the church pew still relevant? With the “Covid” and all the other factors (including some “governmental” interference), it seems that we may be in danger of losing a time-honored tradition that goes back nearly two thousand years. But there may be some pictures in your mind of…
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Expand Your World

Has the old Covid-19 got you down? Are you cowering in the corner of imagined safety from the dread disease? Are you still engaged in the argument whether to mask or not to mask? If you answered yes, or if you answered no, to any of the questions, I have great news for you! There…
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Embraced By The Spirit was published by Life Bridge Books in the autumn of 2005. It was not a best seller. In fact, it was an almost no-seller. I think I may have sold about two copies: one was because some man pre-ordered it prior to the printing, and the other was because a cousin of mine sent some unsolicited money after receiving a gratis copy in her mail in Iowa.