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Embraced By The Spirit was published by Life Bridge Books in the autumn of 2005. It was not a best seller. In fact, it was an almost no-seller. I think I may have sold about two copies: one was because some man pre-ordered it prior to the printing, and the other was because a cousin of mine sent some unsolicited money after receiving a gratis copy in her mail in Iowa.

Flip, Flop, Fail, or Faith?

Finally, I am back at the old keyboard to write something other than answers to a daily plethora of email messages. So I hope you are ready for this second installment (and the last for this series) about the “Deplorables” and the “Adjustables.” I suggest you re-read that missive as a background for this one…
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The Deplorable or Adjustable Life (?)

The Deplorable or Adjustable Life (?) About four years ago, a certain presidential candidate whose initials are Hillary, said me and my kind were “Deplorables.” She was wrong! We were and are “The Incredibles!” We are incredible because we are “The Adjustables!” Our kind dates back to the first century AD (or CE if you…
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Profiles of Pastors

Dr. Paul’s position on … Profiles of Pastors I am living under my 14th president of the United States of America. I saw two of them in person. I have lived under the mentorship of five pastors. I felt close to two of them. Those pastors I have known who were not my leader have…
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You May Not Want To Know But …Here goes!

By Dr. Paul Collins The subject is a compilation of a few of my current interests. A partial list is below (not listed in any order of importance because they are all vital): 1.Prepping to live in a deprived society: when systems break down, the availability of water, food, tools, etc. becomes an individual/family responsibility.…
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Money Matters Are Real Because It Matters

It is very disconcerting to have a relationship with folks who are literally under constant financial stress because they never have enough money supply to meet the money demand! It is the kind of pressure that kills initiative, creativity, the immune system, and families! In fact, the list of negatives connected with financial problems is…
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Who Sez You Gotta have A License? The Gov’ment Man, That’s Who!

Just the other day, I was thinking (yes, once in a while I think I think!) and it crossed my mind to make a list of things I can do without a license provided by some level of government. I came up with a very short list, if a list it can be called. Meanwhile,…
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Money, Money Everywhere and Nothing to Save

The “regular” American family lives from paycheck to paycheck … or so they say. I believe we need to add a caveat: they live from behind paycheck to behind the next paycheck. You may be saying, “Paul, explain!” Okay, here’s the explanation in a nutshell: “Most Americans are “playing catch up.” They are always behind.…
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Guest Posts

Hello, This is Dr. Paul Collins and I own this site. I hope to be able to welcome you as a guest writer. Whether or not I can, will depend on you. What you write has to be legal, moral, and ethical. It has to use language that is suitable for this site (no questionable…
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Connection Is the Way to Have Power

Electric switches not connected have no power.  Animals without connection perish and become extinct.  People cannot exist alone.  Even a hermit has to have a sense of connection to something. With the advent of the telegraph, radio, the telephone, television, cell phones, and the Internet, human connection is now possible to a degree unknown in…
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