*Alert … Here is the way it seems to be shaping up ..*

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*Alert … Here is the way it seems to be shaping up ..*

*So …*

*IF YOU CAN … **read all this!*

*You may grow weary of the warning but I plan to continue sounding the alarm until Holy Spirit says enough is enough.You may ask, “What alarm about what?” The troubles that have arrived and the troubles yet to come, is the answer about the alarm.*

*We have severe shortages that will become more acute. Inflation is increasing at an alarming rate. Suddenly, our military is not adequately prepared to fend off attacks on the nation. Police forces are diminishing in numbers and effectiveness as crime increases.*

*Natural calamities are becoming commonplace. There are wildfires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, drought, hurricanes, and tornadoes. *

***Do I have your attention? Add to the above list the FACT that much of “the church” has become APOSTATE (which means it has left the positions of the 1^st Century Christians) and is pursuing flesh-gratifying music, self-esteem teachings (in lieu of real preaching) along with entertainment as a venue rather than genuine worship. Do I have your attention?*

*One of these days, this nation may be confronted with more lines of cars wanting gasoline, and people wanting food. *

*One of these days, natural gas may not be available (the price of it in Springfield, MO in 2022 is scheduled to double and nationally it will triple), and electricity could be n short supply (if available at all). Do not depend on propane!*

*Your money may be more worthless than it already is. Your bank account and savings could be wiped out (or severely diminished) overnight.*

***I think it is time to ask what has gone wrong since January 6 of this year. Where are the truck drivers? Where are the fast food workers? Where are the clerks? Where are the computer chips? Why are grocery prices up 40%? Why is gasoline costing Springfieldians 40% more than last year? Why is the stock market bouncing around like a steel ball in a pinball machine? *

***Are you happy with your newly elected politicians? I’m not! They may be your newly elected politicians but not mine! *

*Do you know the candidates for your congressional office running in the 2022 election? I do! Do you know that one of them is a born-again, Spirit-led Missouri State Senator who makes his living as a farmer? If elected, he will be a genuine minority in Washington, DC. Nonetheless, I pray he makes it — and I pray that many others will join him to buy us more time to get the body of Christ in shape to win as many as possible before the end that _ends_ the _end_!*

*(By the way, I am an independent in politics. I am a moderate in social concerns. I am a conservative in Christian doctrine.)*

*Even though this little essay is directed primarily to my Springfield, MO area friends, it is applicable to other parts of the nation (with the exception that you may not has a congressional candidate who is a born-again, Spirit-led, state senator, and farmer).*

*If possible, stay blessed,*


  • Paul Collins

    Paul C. Collins, BA, M.Div.,Th.D., is the founder of Paul Collins Evangelistic Association with DBAs of Paul Collins Ministries, Presence Ministry, First Acts Church, and Windhover Publishing. Dr. Collins has many years experience as an evangelist, pastor and Christian counselor. He is an author, broadcaster, and book editor. In the secular world, he served on two school boards and held office as the president of a regional school boards association and was a member of a community health organization. He served as the leader of clergy who ministered to university students. With a mainline denominational and educational background, Dr. Collins chose to serve in a trans denominational and trans doctrinal role. His wife, Nancy, serves alongside him in every activity.

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