A Kiss Is Just A Kiss …or is it?

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A Kiss Is Just A Kiss …or is it?

Paul Collins Guest Post March 14, 2023

Our Guest writer Lyle A. Way … “The Old Ditch Dweller” says …

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss …or is it?

My desire is to illustrate the kindness of God toward His creation which was revealed in the Garden of Eden in a sweep of centuries long past. The first man and the first woman, Adam and Eve, were shown how to express their love for each other in a simple, but beautiful way, in a kiss. Those of us who have lived their lives together, as man and wife, have learned to long for the opportunity of expressing love for each other each day with an embrace that no youth today can understand, having been taught by fools that lust is more fun than true love. They charge each other with mouths open as wide as possible as they slobber all over each other with cannibalistic desire sure to cause dental damage and tongues trying to clog the other person’s throat. It reminds me of two male grizzly bears in Alaska standing on their hind legs in the river to try for a meal of salmon, with teeth bared while roaring with menace.

A God designed kiss is simple and sweet. We look into the eyes of our loved ones, smile put our lips together, softly, savoring the moment. Our lips are soft and gentle to the touch that lasts only for a moment or two, but all other thoughts are gone. The quiet, lovely moment is much more powerful than the wealth of the super-rich, who, sadly, never seem to comprehend it, probably from lack of experimenting, or a feeling that nothing worthwhile can be so simple. Sadly, these losers go down in history trying booze, drugs, sex, anything to make them feel something more than sadness and failure.

There is a cure, however, available to anyone who believes in the Son of God, who is known as Jesus Christ, our Savior. Without Him, there is no point in cursing the world for all our problems.

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