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Expand Your World

Expand Your World

Has the old Covid-19 got you down? Are you cowering in the corner of

imagined safety from the dread disease? Are you still engaged in the

argument whether to mask or not to mask? If you answered yes, or if you

answered no, to any of the questions, I have great news for you! There

are ways to expand your world! That’s correct. You heard me right. You

(yes, you!) can enlarge your present (even if it’s pitiful) state.

Follow me into the wonderful world of the www.


Have you checked out Acts Media Group? It is the department of Acts

Ministry, Inc. that offers radio, television, and newspaper coverage of

everything that’s anything! Having always had a fondness for newspapers,

I find the online version of */The Real News-Review /*to satisfies my

thirst for information that is not confined to the columns of

traditional print media. As for radio, my ears became attuned to it when

I was a child and the oval top sound machine was primitive and was

always abundantly equipped with built-in static.Now, television is a

slightly different story. For me, it began when I was standing on the

sidewalk on West Coates Street in my hometown of Moberly, Missouri. I

was part of a crowd of approximately (as I recall) about twenty people.

We were all straining to see something in the window of Geisler’s Radio

Shop that looked like a small box containing a window that appeared to

be a north Missouri snow storm. Somebody said “It’s a radio with a

picture, and Stan Musiel is at the plate.” Since Musiel was a celebrated

celebrity in the world of professional baseball playing for the St.

Louis Cardinals, I really wanted to see “Stan the Man.” I didn’t.

Television was just beginning, and the future of the new medium did not

appear very promising.


Now, here we are, at least 75 years later, and Nancy and I can see the

world in full color on a big screen in our “TV” room. For this at–home

theatre, we pay upfront every month via an online arrangement with our

satellite provider. What a world! Yes, it’s a really BIG world “out

there” and we can experience it from our matching recliners using our

dueling remotes.


Can anything get bigger than the television set in your home? Yes! Try

connecting to the world through Acts Television Network by a simple

click on your computer to reach www.actsmediagroup.com

<http://www.actsmediagroup.com>. If your TV set is capable (and it

probably is) you can watch your computer on the BIG television flat screen.


Welcome to my world.


Dr. Paul Collins


P.S. Acts Media Group also includes Acts (Internet) Radio. As they say,

“Give it a listen! Your ears will be glad you did.”

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