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Quick Start to Success

“It is not necessary to live without dreams fulfilled, goals unmet, and success never realized.” (Dr. Paul C. Collins, Th.D.)

By reading this, you have begun your journey to success. From this moment on, never allow anyone to distract you from achieving your goals. Remember that your ability to focus is the key that unlocks the door to success.

The EDUCATION ASSOCIATES of Dr. Paul Collins will guide you through proven steps to reach your goals, and your on-going life journey will be successful.

If you are a believer in the American Dream, this website can provide invaluable insights and vital information toward achieving personal, business, or professional success.

Welcome to the world of EDUCATION ASSOCIATES.

Classes and Seminars

“Now is the best time to become equipped to succeed in a failing world.” (Dr. Paul C. Collins)

Seated classes and seminars are currently offered in four locations: Springfield, MO; Branson, MO, Moberly, MO, and Lubbock, TX. Online and Video participation opportunities are available via your desktop or handheld device.

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Dr. Paul Collins

Follow me here for ministry news, my blog as well as guest bloggers, and announcements of upcoming events. Also you will find an events calendar listed on the menu above which will be updated monthly. I hope you will make it a practice to check this website regularly for new information and announcements.

When you need special consulting, or if you simply want to share his written words (published or unpublished), you are invited to contact Dr. Collins.


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