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My name is Paul Collins. I established this website a few years ago with the express purpose of being helpful to anyone who takes the time to search its contents.

I was born in 1935 so you know I have many years of experience. I began my ministerial activities as an evangelist. I managed to earn a college degree while serving as a student pastor of a denominational church. Then, I earned a seminary degree. After being a somewhat successful denominational pastor, I continued my educational pursuits and eventually earned a doctorate; but this website is not about me. It is about you.

The essays I wrote were to give insights into daily life and current concerns. The links to other websites can assist you in your search for personal enrichment. Enjoy.

Finally, please know that I am as close as your computer. You can connect with me through this site.


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Dr. Paul Collins

When you need special consulting, or if you simply want to share his written words (published or unpublished), you are invited to contact Dr. Collins.

Time, Timing, Timeless

Time, Timing, Timeless It’s time for an evaluation of the “Cancel Culture” movement.               The evaluation is simple: it is counter- productive! You don’t[…]

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The Elusive Truth in God’s Word

*CONVERGENCE*** *(The dictionary has several definitions applicable to the word “convergence.” For my purposes in this essay, it simply means the joining together of factors on reaching a point of[…]

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Christian Assessments Program

How do you align your personal and/or professional goals as a christian?

John ‘JR’ Rennie, Founder of Brushfires Ministry, offers the Y•M•I Assessments as part of their Brushfires Ministry Home Group Program.
·This will help you align your agenda with God’s design for your life.
·This program is available for you personally , your church, your ministry, or other groups.
·Dr. Collins is offering the Y•M•I Assessments in cooperation with the Brushfires Ministry and says there are five great things to be gained:

1.Uncovering your God-given design for life, career, calling,
2.Uncovering the necessity of pursuing the Father’s purposes for your life
3.Increasing your awareness of the enemy’s methods to hinder your efforts to live life as designed for you by your Father, God
4.Empowering you to give and receive grace (favor) when your design conflicts with another person
5.Last, but certainly not least, you will become aware of your spiritual gifts that confirm your God-given Personal Purpose Statement.

Y•M•I Assessments are available for you personally, your church, or a group!

*Brushfires Ministries has graciously invited those interested to take a free, quick “test drive” of the program. It will not be the complete assessment, but it will be a really enlightening and exciting first exploratory step.  Are you gifted in MERCY, or TEACHING, maybe in SERVING, GIVING, PROPHECY, LEADERSHIP, EXHORTATION? If you take this quick “mini” assessment, you may discover a very important aspect of your God-given design. It’s free!  Try it now!*


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When you need special consulting, or if you simply want to share his written words (published or unpublished), you are invited to contact Dr. Collins.

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