Welcome to a short trip around my world

This website is the beginning of a new adventure that will take you into the many locations of ministry where I have been a student in the Kingdom.  If you are willing to check back on a regular schedule, the discoveries will be manifold.

In the contents of this site, you will find information and inspiration.  Here, you will find ministry to you, for you, and through you.  The following areas will receive attention from yours truly and others with remarkable experiences.

  1.  Worship
  2.  Stewardship
  3.  Education
  4.  Social Concerns
  5.  Evangelism
  6.  Missions
  7.  Leadership

Please take the time to explore the biographical information on every contributor to this site.  You will also find an interesting array of materials they provide for your personal comfort, growth, and motivation.

The store will interest you with books, cds and dvds.  The materials will be Bible-related, novels, teachings, and movies.

Since you have read this far, it is time to turn you loose to explore this interesting journey into my world, the world of Dr. Paul Collins.

P.S. Please contact me if you have something to post that will bless the readers.